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Wine Tour

Between Jura and Mont-Blanc

Start of electric bike tour Meyrin Village, through the vines Mandement across the hamlets of Choully, Pessy, and Malval Essertines to reach Dardagny. Return to Meyrin by Russin, Peney Dessus and Dardagny. Wine tasting of its production at a winegrower.

Science et Nature

Between Rhône and Jura

Departure from Meyrin Village to reach the CERN, visit the Globe of Science and Innovation, electric bike ride through the vineyards of Mandement by hamlets Choully, Pessy and Malval, stop Dardagny in a vineyard for a tasting brunch the production of a wine. Stroll from Dardagny to Teppes Verbois nature reserve on the banks of the Rhone. Back to Meyrin by Peney and Satigny


Discover Lavaux

World Heritage Site of Lavaux

From Cully railway station,  e-bike tour through the vineyards of Lavaux. Wine tasting of its production at a winegrower.

Season : All year, starting by convenience (private tour)
Price:  on request
Accompanied by an guides  «Heritage Lavaux »

Shore of the lake

Wine and Culture

From Geneva we join the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Cologny. After a guided tour, we go to the Belvedere of Lord Byron with stunning views over the bay of Geneva and then we explore the south side campaign with Mont Blanc in the background. Brunch and tasting at a winery or or a cottage in the vineyards. Then return to Geneva overlooking the lake and arrived by the quays.

Cruise on the Lake

Wine and Culture

Boarding the English Garden for a mini-cruise to Hermance, a village in the Middle Ages. Getting Started with electric bikes and departure for the Castle Crest in Jussy. Tasting of Château production. Ballade with exploring the beautiful countryside south of Lake Geneva with Mont Blanc in the background. Stop at the Belvedere Cologny Lord Byron to admire the harbor of Geneva. Return and arrival at Geneva by the quays
Option: Lunch – tasting on the terrace of Castle Crest, back to Geneva by coach

Chocolate tasting and famous love letters

You will be received by typical genevan chocolate makers as « Paganel », « Christophe Berger » and « Favarger ». While you’ll taste their specialities, the guide will present you famous love letters from different writers as John Keats, Simone de Beauvoir, Victor Hugo or Apollinaire. Biking, chocolate tasting & literature : a hedonistic program !

Famous painters in Geneva

The most famous landscape of Geneva is the view of the lake painted by Konrad Witz (1444) which is exhibited in the Museum of Art and History (MAH).

The international city of Geneva has always attracted painters. You will discover them with the guide in the context of their lives and paintings. First you will see the fresco made by Hans Erni : « Ta panta rei » at the UNO. The majestic view over the lake and the alps at the « Bains des Pâquis » is exactly the one which Ferdinand Hodler admired and painted from his flat. The place of XXII Cantons is the site where in 1881 the last panorama : « Panorama Bourbaki » has been exhibited. It’s now a museum in Luzern. The tour ends with a small street named as the painter Bram Van Velde who painted and lived during ten years in Geneva.

Genevan thrillers ! Biking like superintendents ?

You will be following the crimes of the thrillers through the city !

It starts with the library of the University where Rachel Maeder kills an employee in her : « Le jugement de Seth ». On the flew market of the Plaine de Plainpalais, Corinne Jaquet, the famous genevan thriller writer, describes a horrible crime with a cross-bow…Patrick Delachaux, the policeman-writer, puts a scene with a drug-addict woman in the Pâquis, the red district of Geneva. This tour ends at the Mamco (Museum of Modern Art) with an ironic thriller written by Jean-Jacques Busino : when the police of Geneva has to deal with the police of Milan !

The essentials of Geneva

Start the electric bike tour from Place Monbrillant (behind the main train station) to the neighborhood of international organizations (UN, ICRC, WHO, WIPO, OMM, …) Walk on the doks  with a stop at the Pâquis baths and on Rousseau Island. Stroll through the old town and discover its history and we end the visit with the Bastion Park and the Wall of Reformers. Return by Place Neuve and the Coulouvrenière Bridge.

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